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Products to Power your CCB Account

Fluid Ministry, LLC is all about helping churches & ministries effectively & creatively use technology
in communicating The Gospel.

You might be interested in our three Church Community Bulider (CCB) products.

Create beautiful, embeddable calendars

Bulletins, video announcements, social media, emails, push notes, and texts are all useful ways to communicate what’s happening at your church, but do you offer a central events calendar displaying the latest, up-to-date information?

Sync your CCB data with PastorsLine

You have already created contacts and groups on CCB. You have already captured important data. Why do it all over again? Just integrate with PastorsLine, and enjoy the fruits of your previous labors.

So where does this leave the CCB Mail Merge feature?

If you are looking for a solution that connects CCB to MailChimp and a better way to send beautifully-designed emails with tons and tons of data analytics, then using MailChimp through CCBChimp can be a great option for you.

See why 400 attendees joined us live on our last webinar.

Here's the webinar replay.


I was part of a webinar that Jason was on with CCB where he talked about PastorsLine and CCBChimp. I signed up right away because he was giving a live demo and it was super helpful to do it along with him.

Cara Duff